Is my IP address public? Can I get a static IP address?

Will I get a public IP address?

Due to a global shortage of IPv4 addresses, we now offer CGN IPv4 as standard. Public IPv4 addresses are available for certain plans and may attract an additional charge - please speak to the team for the most up-to-date information.

Note that the Pentanet network is fully dual-stacked and we offer a /56 IPv6 prefix with all services. More information on IPv6 can be found here:

Can I get a static IPv4 address?

Static IPv4 addresses are available on request. Note that even without a static address on your account, your public IP address is likely to only change very infrequently (if at all).

For many homes and small businesses, a static IP address is actually unnecessary, and we suggest the use of a dynamic DNS service to access devices behind your public IP. You can read more about that here.

To arrange a static IP address, please speak with one of our team.

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